This Old School Food Fad Makes a Sensational Comeback.

Posted on October 29, 2017

Woman’s World Magazine
Beauty Report
Holiday Slim Down Edition
Vol. 517

(Beauty Report, 28Oct2017) by Callie Thorpe – We’ve all heard of the “grapefruit-diet” that’s been around since the 50’s, which was ultimately deemed too few calories, too low in carbs, unhealthy and potentially dangerous!

Today, nutritionist Dr. Kelly Ann Petrucci, of the Oz Show, tells us about a new spin on an old idea.

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“It’s been in. It’s been out. But today it’s back and grapefruit’s better than ever. This new and improved detox turbocharges fat-burning. Compounds in this detox duo use modern science and a host of super-nutrients. So, unlike fad-diets that included little more than grapefruit and black coffee, this is a way of doing it that makes sense.”

The New Grapefruit Detox promises quick results – as much as 10Lbs in 12 days – due to fat-burning enzymes found in grapefruits. It promises these results without starvation and eating normal meals.

Dr. Oz and his team have created a foolproof product for today’s modern woman.

“We’ve already seen a huge amount of evidence that it works. In fact, our test subjects have lost 9-10 Lbs in just 7 days, and up to 30 Lbs in just 12 weeks. The approach is winning raves from everyone who uses it – including numerous celebrities and public figures.”

See how you can drop 20Lbs in time for the holidays.

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