Apple Rumors- Brand New Samsung Camera-Lens Receive Top Reviews

Posted on September 20, 2017

New iPhone Lenses Rated #1 Smartphone Accessory of 2017
AppleNews: 09/19/17

New Revolutionary Lenses mount easily to any iPhone, Android, iPad, smartphone or mobile device. Tests on smartphones show these lenses perform better than professional DSLR cameras.

The HD lenses increase Sharpness and Contrast by nearly 75% and decrease Distortion by over 81%.

The addition of these lenses to your iPhone or mobile device is like carrying a $4481 Digital-SLR-camera in your pocket.

Go here to see stunning HDX images posted on Instagram.

*Due to recently media attention, stores are sold out. As of today, Pro Shot HDX lenses are available for a limited time only. The manufacturer is offering 75% off to our readers for orders placed today.

Stop this–offer at
5930 Integer Ave – Sankt Johann im Pongau – 6619 – Austria

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