CBS Health: An Early Warning Sign Of Heart Attacks?

Posted on March 17, 2017


Heart Health Monthly

Publication 22826327

January 2017


Dear Subscriber ,

This is a true story:

Not long ago, my buddy Mike went to grab his cellphone when he noticed a few missed calls from his mother and a text message that simply said…

“Please call me as soon as you can”

Sensing something was wrong, he called back right away, and when he did…he received the terrible news:

His grandmother, a huge part of his childhood and like a second mother to him, had not only had a massive heart attack a few hours before…

…after arriving at the intensive care unit, she literally died twice on the stretcher before the doctors and nurses were finally able to get her stabilized.

As with almost every heart attack sufferer, there’s a good chance she never even expected such a horrible experience to happen to her.

And like most, she probably assumed that if it did, she’d only know it by a little numbness in her arm or a sudden jolt of pain in her chest.

But guess what?

There are actually three other odd signs a heart attack may be about to strike, and since heart attacks kill one person every 90 seconds in America, I want to share these warning signs with you now so you know them.

After all, minutes matter when it comes to a heart attack and saving your life or someone you love.

So here they are:

#1: A feeling of unexplainable anxiety and impending doom. Your body is hardwired to protect vital systems in your body, so when things are about to turn bad, you can often sense it.

#2: Shortness of breath. You’re fine one second, but then as your heart stops getting the blood and oxygen it needs, you’re struggling to to breathe.

#3: Feeling nauseous and sweating profusely. How many folks do you think assumed they ate some bad food or were out of shape to explain feeling uneasy, and then not long after, found themselves clutching their chest when a heart attack strikes?

You’ve probably been lead to believe you can only avoid a heart attack if you have great genetics or are able to shun away all the foods you love to eat.

But guess what?

In this short video, you’ll see that you can use a simple 10 second trick to promote a healthier heart, more energy, and better health overall.

Worried a heart attack could strike you at any moment, too?

This 10 second trick PREVENTS a heart attack.

-Jim Strong

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