Tactical Advantage of Navy SEAL Teams, Former Navy SEAL Sniper

Posted on March 15, 2017

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Tactical Advantage of Navy SEAL Teams

You’ve never heard of the man I am about to introduce, and there’s good reason for that. He works in anonymity… yet with deadly precision.

As a former Navy SEAL sniper and platoon commander, Cade Courtley has spent much of his adult life in harm’s way. So when he talks about self-defense, gear or survival tactics, you would be wise to listen.


Today Cade’s revealing a tool SEALs use regularly that could help you protect your home and your family.

It’s no secret U.S. Navy SEAL elite forces have major advantages over their targets. Superior training, state of the art weapons and advanced tactics all play a role. But one critical advantage trumps them all. (Watch Cade Demonstrate It Here.)

Cade wants to give you the same advantage used by SEAL teams to keep you and your family safe in a crisis.

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