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Posted on February 10, 2017

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We’ve dined in and carried out, both have been great experiences. When we ordered carry out for dinner it was hot and ready when I arrived. When we’ve… This place is a hole in the wall but the food is on point! Went there with my father and we ordered the bulgogi, kimchi fried rice, and curry iron. The… My wife and I both had the Filet Mignon four course meal. Every aspect of the meal from beginning to end was delicious. Each course was prepared perfectly…. We are on our way to Alexandria from Hampton – hungry. Except we are in the middle of nowhere. Pull out the phone to search for places and all that’s coming… I’d never been to this restaurant before, so when I made a reservation here for my birthday this weekend, I knew I was taking a gamble. I’m glad to say… Wow this place is delicious! I got the carne mechada arepas which was incredibly flavorful. I was not expecting the richness in flavor of the shredded… Holy Cannoli’s!!! An awesome lunch choice. The prices are fair, store extremely clean and staff are very polite. I had the anti-pasta salad and it was the… This would be a 6 star review if I could rate it that high. Mission BBQ has always had amazing food from the numerous locations that I have visited… My son just moved to the area and they saw great reviews on Yelp and Trip Advisor so we decided to have dinner here. All the food was excellent and teh… Look at the truck stop across the street. Notice how all the trucks are parked as close to this place as possible? That should tell you all you need to… 11/16 had lunch here. Good food. Great prices. I had the shredded beef tostada. It was perfect. It’s small, so if you have a big appetite, order… Excellent meal…Cannot wait for left overs tonight!..Take the time to find this place! Wow! loved this place. On our way to San Diego and stopped her for lunch. The food was great! had the green chili creamed corn and it was on spot! Had that… First class steakhouse in Grants, believe it or not. Passing through last week we found the most incredible Chinese restaurant here ( I’ll let you look that… Every time I am in this area is make it a pint to stop at Kiva ….The owner is always there greeting you with a smile and warm hello ….The food is amazingly… This place is good stuff!.. Super \”down home cooking\” feel to it, a really rustic diner type set up with a couple of corner booths and most of the restaurant… Excellent food! Quiet, and cute. Clean authentic Mexican cuisine. Nice, friendly service…..Tamales to die for. Full of flavor with excellent green and red… Literally so good. My dad and I are on a road trip, and we got hungry, so I decided to look up restaurants on yelp. I didn’t read any reviews, but thought…98277655384c55139d49098095231473

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