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Posted on February 9, 2017

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Excellent lunch place. They were busy, they were Quick \u0026 friendly…..I had the Italian chopped salad and wild rice soup! Both were excellent. Well presented… Staff was extremely friendly. We got really cute bubbly waitress. Probably a little girl helping their parents in taking the orders. But she was… My husband \u0026 I really like this little local restaurant. The food is all homemade \u0026 so good. We had them cater a work event for our business \u0026 their food… This was our spot in Eden Prairie and they are respectful of the military which is big for us to see patriotism. We’ve never had bad service and majority of… Our team had a meeting here on Friday the 13th. So it would have been ok if something was wonky, but everything was scrumptious! ….Service fast and… Wow…traveling for the holidays, we did a search for breakfast and found this gem. The wait was a little long as it’s a popular eatery, but it was well… I think this particular location gets an automatic 4 stars for being unique in the sense that there is a curling rink/arena attached to it. The fact that… Family owned. They have fair prices and great food. Always made to order with quality ingredients. Warm friendly service in just a little dining room…. These guy’s pizza is amazing! I want to try other things, but just can’t yet. Pizza’s too good! On first look, it has a hip atmosphere with a great dining room and a nice bar tucked away in the back…..It has a great selection of local craft beers and… Very enjoyable experience. A bit pricy but that should be expected at this style of restaurant. The cocktails are on point. Holy smokes. Go for a drink at… So my wife and I came to Siloam for a friend’s graduation and we were starving afterwards. Not knowing the town very well, we kind of accidentally ended up… Great food, excellent lunch spot. The chicken and beef fajitas were excellent. Fresh guacamole was excellent, good fresh and flavorful salsa. We’ve put this… Ok going to start with my only complaint so far… bad parking in an old run down strip mall with some shady looking characters hanging out. Ok that’s… This place is amazing! Love the food, love the service, love the atmosphere! Everything was just great. Tastes like a meal made fresh from the farm to the… This place is great! I got the prickly pear margarita with jalape\u00f1o infused tequila and it was delicious! Next I got a cup of the poblano chicken chowder… From the first bite I knew the food was incredible. In town for a family matter and so very tired of eating the same old national chain fare I gave this a… Great food, cheap price. Can’t complain about anything. ….Note: lived in numerous countries and large cities so this review carries authentic weight.98277655384c55139d49098095231473

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