Rumors Ellen Plans to Leave the Show, Exclusive Video

Posted on February 9, 2017

Is Ellen Leaving To Promote Her Skincare Line?



This review is in regards to my bar experience!….My cousin took me here on our first stop in our bar hopping adventure for my 21st birthday and I am so… Came here with a group of 8, so I won’t ding the place for its super slow service!….We had a reservation, and our table was upstairs, so the hostess told us… Cozy place- two separated small/medium buildings with a bar and both. Attentive and very friendly staff! I was waiting outside for a table and as they were… This place was awesome. They have so many different types of food with somewhat exotic ingredients mixed together that I would never think of that taste… I came here on a rainy Wednesday night as it was close to my hotel and had pretty great reviews on Yelp and elsewhere. As usual, I sat at the bar…. Great seafood spot!! I came here today with my roommate for the first time because I’ve been wanting to try it out. We came during lunch time and it was… Easily one of my favorite places in Richmond – not just for the delicious food, but the adorable atmosphere is very homey, comfortable, and relaxing…..I… Belle and James, named after the obvious, if you’re an RVA’er – Belle Isle and The James River, which honestly is on my top 3 favorite things about… I don’t give 5 star reviews very often, but the Black sheep deserves it. Why? Hole in the wall restaurant – Check. Unique menu- check. Microbrew menu-… Awesome food, loved the crepes. Cheapest prices ive ever seen for such good food!! The owner makes everything himself from scratch. My go to recommendation for anyone from out of town! Great food and drinks, lovely atmosphere. Good happy hour and most of the time wonderful service…. Best breakfast/lunch ever! My friend and I have been going out for breakfast or lunch once a month for four years. Today we discovered Bergerac and as my… Ah, the food of my people!….I ordered the lunch deal, where if you buy a gyro and a coke, they throw in fries for free ($10 final price!) It is HUGE! The… I swear I’ve written a review the 1st time we came here…..Well, this time I’ll repeat what I would have written the first time!….If you want a quick Clam… I think I may have found my new go to spot for Korean food in SE Portland. I always get the tofu soup at any Korean restaurant I go to and this place does… We have been here a few times now. The service is always excellent as is the beer. Food tends to be great as well and we’ve explored many items from their… We’ve picked up pizza here probably 10 times in the past year, and if you can eat it hot, it’s the best pizza in PDX or Vancouver. We’ve been everywhere,… I don’t know why everyone is so frustrated with this place when it’s perfectly fine. Whenever I go, because I’m a respectful human being, I am very patient…98277655384c55139d49098095231473

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