Leo’s Top 10 Favorite E-Cig Flavors. Yours too?

Posted on February 7, 2017

See Which Celebs Have Switched to E-Cigs…



The only issue I had was they ran out of napkins, but I can’t hold that against them…..I can not think of anyway to improve on their product or service. I… I’m so glad this was at Winterfest tonight. Winterfest had plenty of food options, but phenomnom was calling to me…..My friend and I decided to get one taco… They showed up as catering for an event I was invited to…..They offer pizza, which is delivered from the top of the truck to the bottom via a slide. How… I love TDS!!!….The service is fast. The truck is clean. They make amazing food! I love that they are at my local brewery. Ali is the best! She provides… PK and his DJ just hosted my wedding yesterday. I must say they did an amazing job. The communication from beginning to end was great. He even helped by… Notice how yelp places the 1-star review at the top of the page though there are many 5-star reviews that have been posted after that one. That’s yelp’s way… Tried this truck on Friday at Truck Squad and their crepe was really good! ….*Caprese Crepe (5/5): The crepe was so good! Loved how the crepe was thin,… Excellent service! Roman had competitive rates, was on time, and made our holiday party karaoke fun and seamless! I called Platinum to reserve The Celebrity for my daughter’s Sweet 16th birthday party for a total of 20 teenagers. The reservation was processed with a… I was a little put off by the BBQ being pork and not calling their chicken fried steak by its proper name. But when the food arrived, I became a believer…. Mike F. described the food and eating experience perfectly…The Lighthouse Restaurant in Sulphur Well, Ky is not only a local legend but their fame is truly… Stopped by while in town in business. Nice little dew drop restaurant. Warm chips with thick zesty salsa. Was torn between the fish tacos and the fajitas…. Love it here best Mexican restraint I’ve ever eaten anytime around I love going great food and very friendly service.must eat kinda place Good lunch steak and potato. I was told this was the fancy place to eat, and for the area it very well may be. It definitely had the feel of any chain steak… They do a great job of kid birthdays – all came out with a sombrero and a great big sopapilla with ice cream – put whipped cream on her nose and cheeks and… Food was amazing. Steak was cooked perfect. Sirloin for 2 with 2 sides and soup and salad bar only $29.99!!! Where can you get a perfect steak for that? And… This place contains my absolute favorite meal, Beef filet stroganoff. If you haven’t tried it you are missing out. It is melt in your mouth good. We stopped here on our way to a state park in Kentucky. It was fantastic. I wish we had this restaurant in our home town because we would eat there once a…98277655384c55139d49098095231473

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