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Posted on January 28, 2017

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My favorite and the best Mexican place in Catawba County, everything is great,love it!! DECOR: 5..It is a bit small on the inside but it has a cute hipster kind of feel to it. The chalk board wall with hand written text and couch are a nice… Whenever I come to town, I eat here for their #1 rice plate. Their pho broth is no good to me otherwise that would always be my choice at any restaurant… Outstanding food and atmosphere! We got the tuxedo cake and the double chocolate cake. There was only a small portion of the double chocolate cake left, but… Best place to ever eat and drink .with out the drive to hickory and back love this Place rate number 1 in newton I came very close to hurting myself at Western Steer for this morning’s Sunday breakfast. (The British call it \”doing yourself a mischief.\”… Stopped in while passing through Hickory. The food quality and service were excellent…..Definitely worth your time. Best pho in Hickory… maybe even NC? :)….I always get #10, it’s the \”chicken pho\”. I know pho is ideally with beef broth, but pho 777 makes THE best… We had breezed through here for the first time last week but didn’t have time to sit and enjoy our meal. We definitely decided to come back. ALL the food… Real good sandwiches, very friendly staff at a reasonable price…..Try the buffalo fries and regular fries I am not sure Stone House could get any more down to earth. Stepping through the front door you are greeted by the smell of fresh baked pies and greetings… As good as it gets! We made reservations for our \”last meal\” before dropping our son off at Purdue. And so glad we did!….Waiter was excellent. We started… Fantastic local fare! Doesn’t get better. Truly a talented chef. Pork checked and fish are amazing. I tried all 3 Can’t miss the South Street Smokehouse red pig standing sentinel…calling…beckening…..EAT ME, EAT ME NOW!….Get past the barn red siding juxtaposed… First of all. Guinness. They used to have reps in the U.S. go to pubs and taste test their Guinness on tap. This Nine Irish Brothers won 2 years in a row!… We have visited Sylvia’s a number of times. Tabitha, who is always our waitress, is wonderful! The ingredients are fresh, everything is handmade, and the… One of my favorite restaurants in town! Their wood fire pizzas are AMAZING (and so affordable)! We also really like their mac n cheese… Random, I know,… This place is great! If you are looking for a more \”upscale\” option you should definitely check this place out. We were there last night for my sister’s…98277655384c55139d49098095231473

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