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Posted on January 25, 2017

Celebrate Your Trump Pride



We are here twice in a row. This place is really amazing and the food is cooked fresh. The curries and chicken dishes are very good. The breads are fresh… I absolutely love this place. Definitely my go to spot in the area. For the price, I don’t think it gets much better than this. At about 10 per meal, which… The lady at the restaurant (I believe she’s the owner) is super friendly!! ….Their bubble teas are my favorite in the Germantown area (WAY better than… Pretty good service and the soup is mighty delicious…Broth is clean, full of flavor and the rolls are always packed with heavy meat. We love that! ..I come… You cannot have been living in MoCo for years \u0026 not know about the Dutch market! If you are one of the very few how have never been to the Dutch market,… Yesterday i was visiting a friend in germantown and we decided to go to this kabob place in small strip mall. we walked in this place is big lots of seating… Chef Amit can throw down!..I’ve had the spicy shrimp, jambalaya and the Muffaletta. I’m gonna get through the entire menu but so far, so so so good!..I’m new… This food is the best I ever had at any buffet, the food is delicious, the egg plant, divine. The meat and chicken, yum. I am very happy with lunch buffet. Love this place. It is a take-out sushi joint in the middle of a grocery store. Kind of fun. Great sushi, great price. People are very friendly. I go once… Strap yourself in and get ready for great service, amazing food and reasonable prices. ..I had the grilled red fish with shrimp and the sides are mind… First visit and I got the Crab Au Gratin which was hot and fresh with such awesome flavor with the dirty rice and corn. The bread with the garlic honey… My family an I had dinner here back in June of 2016, sorry soon late posting my review…There is nothing negative I have to say about this establishment,… Great wine selection even by the glass. Calamari was perfectly crunchy, red sauce just right, and the Caesar salad was delicious! I’ve now tried the lasagna… We eat here almost every weekend during crawfish season and as much as I can for the boiled crabs! Delicious and always great service I went and had dinner here for the first time with my husband. Driving there I thought maybe we were going to end up having dinner on an oilfield tool yard… First time here got \”The Don\” fried boudin burger with a fried egg on top. Must say by far the most fantastic concoction as far as burgers go that I’ve ever… This cozy little restaurant is nestled behind a bunch of trees and if you didnt know where you were going, you probably wouldnt even know it was there. The… Been waiting for \”Big Bad Ben\” to arrive, now the wait is finally over! (I know I’m a few months late). I am kind of sad that they have taken some items off…98277655384c55139d49098095231473

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