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Posted on December 27, 2016

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Story Hill BKC was my favourite place in Milwaukee to eat. What really did it was the service… from the moment I emailed my reservations to the last wave… McBobs is a Milwaukee landmark \u0026 every patron that visits are fortunate to have y’all so easily accessible from the entire metro area!….The corned beef, in… Came in for dinner on a Tuesday night and sat at the bar. They had a special going on for martinis, but I went with an old fashion instead. The first one I… At the time of my writing this, there are 489 reviews. 83 of them are under 4 stars. I would like to meet those 83 people. Just so I can see what crazy… A staple to any visit to Milwaukee. Do not leave town without getting a bloody mary from Sobelman’s!….The common thing to do is to top your bloody with a… My friend and I were working in Milwaukee and wanted a steak dinner. We drove around downtown and used Yelp to try to find a good restaurant. And we found… This is by far my favorite pizza in Milwaukee…..The crust is impossibly thin and cracker-like and the toppings very tasty with excellent sauce. The… I love this place. The lady behind the counter is awesome, she will crack you up or just be really nice. It’s always a pleasant experience…..I can vouch… Mekong Cafe is kind of my new jam. We’ve lived in the area forever but never really stopped in for no good reason until lately. ….The interior isn’t fancy,… We’ve eaten in Blythe at least once a year, and always grabbed fast food. This time, we decided to explore. Wow! What an excellent discovery!….Great food…. What saved the day is the pizza was great, the ambiance was nice also. However, there were big flops on my visit so that I probably won’t be coming back…..I… Great place – food is amazing and sevice fast and friendly! ..Food came out so fast I thought for sure it must have been destined for another table.. but… \”Steaks and Cakes!\” Ask any local where to eat and that’s the answer you’ll get. Tried it for the first time last night… and went back today for lunch! My… Blythe. Middle of nowhere. Right before the AZ border. Great Mexican food? Yes…Yes Sir!….For whatever reason, I was craving a burrito, and my options… To me this seems like a typical mom and pop type of place, and it had a homey type of feeling, and not the standardized and institutionalized type of… This is a bar and grill that makes decent Pizza nachos were pretty good but it was the service from the bartender that really stood out if you are expecting… Stopped by for breakfast on way home from Phoenix, great food, great service!! We will definitely be back! One of Blythe’s older local restaruants, they make the best burritos, menudo and other Mexican food you can ask for and at a reasonable price, too! There…98277655384c55139d49098095231473

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