Why Neither Candidate Can Save the Economy from Meltdown

Posted on December 20, 2016


Mark Cuban, Forbes ContributorInvestor, Entrepreneur, Judge on SharkTank on ABC, Owner of the Dallas Mavericks I’ve had the best minds in the country look at what’s going on, and the truth is that it isn’t good. The American economy is in for a catastrophic meltdown. Personally, I’ve been very very lucky and I’ve got enough money, and fame or clout or whatever, to be able to surround myself with the best economic advisors in the world, and they all agree that the next 18-24 months are going to be very bad.We’re talking about millions of new bankruptcies. Click Here to Find Out How to Protect Yourself. There’s a reason why this restaurant has such great reviews; terrific customer service and delicious food. Seemingly a simple business model, but so few… Although the food was good, the service left a lot to be desired. It is not self-service, but I had to get my own flat ware, napkins, cheese and red pepper… Great prices for AMAZING Chinese food!!! The best Chinese food I’ve ever had. The selection is great whether it’s the Orange Tofu or the Vegetable Beef…. Enjoy coming here, even though I do not know many of the regulars, the staff is always super friendly and even people you do not know are friendly and you… This place looks like it’s been around a while… there’s a good reason for this. The place does some really nice dine-in Chinese food — that can be… Great place! Came here for lunch before a sail, and had the fish n’ chips – they were DELICIOUS. Opted for a fruit cup instead of the chips, and the fruit… I hesitate to write this review because I hate to give negative feedback. This place, however, is not ready for prime time. I’d give it one star if not for… We had a great Friday night experience at Wauk-n-Whiskey recently…..The place doesn’t look like much from the outside, and not much on the inside either-… This is a fantastic local spot. The food, ambiance, and service were impeccable. My waitress the other night suggested this brewery/restaurant since I was… Tup Tim Thai is a great place to get a delicious lunch at a reasonable price…..I haven’t worked in Topeka long, but within my first week of working, a… Don’t have to go to the Big City for great mid western B B Q. I have been a patron for over 10 years . Eat here about once a week. The pulled pork Sandwich… I’m not sure how this place has such low reviews. I’ve been coming here for many years. I don’t come but maybe once every three months or so, but always… To preface this, we are here after we all weighed in for a power lifting meet and we all cut weight so we were STARVING. This place did not disappoint one… A completely honest review. I was drunk and our DD drove us through there. I didn’t eat it that night but what an amazing leftover hangover cure! The green… The bartender knows what I want to eat and drink whenever I come in so that’s pretty neat. I don’t know, I just feel like this location is only worthy of a three star rating. The place has been remodeled and is nice inside. They only have one of… Since the remodel, breakfast seems a better experience. Waitresses are very nice, food presentation generally good, and all in all a better experience than…98277655384c55139d49098095231473

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