Why Neither Candidate Can Save the Economy from Meltdown

Posted on December 17, 2016


Mark Cuban, Forbes ContributorInvestor, Entrepreneur, Judge on SharkTank on ABC, Owner of the Dallas Mavericks I’ve had the best minds in the country look at what’s going on, and the truth is that it isn’t good. The American economy is in for a catastrophic meltdown. Personally, I’ve been very very lucky and I’ve got enough money, and fame or clout or whatever, to be able to surround myself with the best economic advisors in the world, and they all agree that the next 18-24 months are going to be very bad.We’re talking about millions of new bankruptcies. Click Here to Find Out How to Protect Yourself. The best Lebanese restaurant in Northern Virginia, Maryland and DC…..You really feel you are in the mountains of Lebanon listening to the song birds. ….The… Not a bad option for an airport! I got a custom pizza that was tasty \u0026 larger than I could eat fresh out of the oven in minutes for 10.89. Fresh toppings… Closed for winter break. Check their page to see when they reopen….. http://www.windycityredhots.com/ The food is great here, its made to order, so if you don’t want to wait you can always call ahead for pick up. I ended up stopping by on the way home… Ordered take out this evening and it was good. This place was a little hard to find at night but it’s near where waxpool meets 28…..The Oh Bosco pizza had… Wow. How have I lived in Loudoun five years and never reviewed this place? We get takeout from this place at least once a week…..I love Moby Dick, and this… This was the first time I’d ever been to a California Tortilla location- had no idea what the menu was, I knew I wanted tacos but I had no idea how they… Renovated with a new interior, furniture, bar, and new craft beers. The only thing that hasn’t changed is the food which is fine with me as this is my go… Do not be put off by the location of this place. It is a tiny place in a strip mall. There aren’t a lot of tables, but they do a good job of using the… A small breakfast menu in the mornings for the coffee crowd regulars- usually more about the conversation than the food- is decent. A wide selection of… Buffalo Roam is a fantastic restaurant right off of US-36. They feature a full menu, extensive buffet and great Kansas gifts, like wheat weavings! The… My first time here and it was fabulous! Had the Bourbon Bacon Burger (delicious) and sweet potato fries (excellent). Family had chicken fried steak… Great place! Good food and wonderful people What a turn around. This is a great little place with a lot of heart. The food so fresh! Truly can tell that they can consistently serve great Mexican food…. Great food. Friendly people. ..So glad we stopped in. I enjoyed the deluxe hamburger and fries. My husband had the special of the day shrimp basket. We’ll… This place looks pretty ugly and unassuming on the outside. Once inside it’s pretty cool. Race and sports and beach stuff and beach volley ball out back…. This is a classic old steak house. Some may not appreciate the decor or ambiance but this is what a steak house should look and feel like. Not one of those… Stopped by about 5 minutes before closing. We had just finished a 10 baseball stadiums in 10 days….we were traveling thru Kansas, we hadn’t eaten since…98277655384c55139d49098095231473

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