NBC Special Report: Oregon Dr Discovers the Key to Reversing Diabetes

Posted on December 16, 2016

NBCNews Special Report: Fighting Diabetes


You guys, I felt like the biggest dummy in St. Louis for not knowing this place existed…..A surprise date night led me here, and I am so grateful I got to… First, I’m biased because we have come here very frequently for the past 4-5 years. Toscana has many regular customers which is not surprising considering… So good. Everything we ate. ….Flash fried Brussels sprouts. Ale and smoked cheddar spread. Dirty martini. Roasted beet salad. And the special tonight…some… So damn delicious! They execute that farm-to-table agenda PERFECTLY. Ingredients are fresh, adventurous, beautifully paired. The wait staff and bar staff… Bring a jacket. Don’t expect Wifi. Expect a non-static menu. There’s a burger of the month, Lenten specials; many of which do not return…..Always a good… This was a wonderful restaurant. My new favorite food. My husband and I had the beef pho and pad Thai, absolutely delicious. The restaurant was beautiful,… I’ve been eating here for almost two years. This is my go to place when I’m craving some of the dishes my Laotian side of the family would make me growing… 119 North is probably my favorite tapas place in St. Louis. Set right in the heart of Kirkwood, 119 North offers a variety of interesting and always… Billy G’s is a Kirkwood gem that should be enjoyed anytime you’re hungry and in the area. The owner and staff are good people and the food is even better…. Amber was a great host Bartender ..Try the duck..Fantastic..Great atmosphere for dinner..Especially if you are from out of town try this place I came back here again with a friend and it brought back memories. This was my first dinner the night before I interviewed at my job. Well, the place was… Looked it up because of the beers, came out with nothing but praise. Yes great beer selection but the service was just delightful made us feel at home, then… We had dinner after work and it was pretty close to Casa Grande. I think you can’t go wrong with either El Charro in Pella or Case Grande in Knoxville. I… OPEN now:) I tried to get delivery but not setup yet. Anyways, their pizza still tastes the same just new management from what I understand. My go to… The store opens at 5pm for buffet. But food items are not available not until \”past\” 5pm. Silverware is a big issue to me. I do not think they comply with… Stopped in for a late lunch on a Saturday. Good food. Mushroom and Swiss burger with fries was good. Service was decent. Nice place. I ate here with a friend after work and had the salmon teriyaki bento box. It was the right proportion and the fish was pan fried just right. There was a… Just had a fantastic Mexican dinner in the middle of corn fed Iowa. We were camping with our RV club in town for the tulip festival in Pella and brought 16…98277655384c55139d49098095231473

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