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Posted on December 14, 2016

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Adorable little mom and pop Italian place. We were very Pleased with this hidden gem near our house. We were immediately treated by our waiter and the… First off let me preface this by saying I was dying to get some good wings today, noticed this restaurant on Yelp and decided to make the hike. The… The Tres Leches (Three Milk) cake was amazing. The beans and rice stole the show and the chicken fillet was really good. ….We had been traveling for a full… Great snacks and ice cream…Interesting environment, interesting decor. ..Huge menu, kinda pricey, but everything tasted really good. ..Kids love it!..I come… I’m visiting from Jersey this week, and I never go back without stopping at Mundi’s. Simply put, as we say in Jersey, this place is the best. If you know… Go here for a large variety of great home cooked diner food. I love this place. No pretense no hype just good friendly service and great food. ….You can… Always a great find when there is great, Mediterranean food nearby. I found this Pita Plus, which I assume is very similar to the one in Aventura, while on… We had a friend in from Georgia and wanted a spot to get good seafood…..I veered off course and got the burger. Very juicy and flavorful chuck/brisket… This place has it all…..service, food, and ambiance. We went on a Saturday night at 7pm with no reservation and got a table. Not sure if that would be… Exceptional service and quality taking the most out of the regional products. The room is very pleasant and intimate. ..Also a great opportunity to try the… Great place with reasonably priced and delicious cassoulet. ….The staff are very friendly. The service is good. And the decor is modern and fun…. Fantastic environment, great food with friendly staff…. Wish they were open longer!! It’s a must when at cacassad Review in July 2014: I said I would go back and I did. I’ve changed my rating from 5 stars to 3. This time the prices were much more expensive (in season… We had a wonderful dinner!!! Stefan and his wife Marie who own the restaurant are INCREDIBLY kind and their service is almost without comparison. The… Exquisite cuisine, celebrating our vacanze in France…..Decor beautiful, sat outside under the stars with the view of the church steeples, high quality… We had a fabulous dinner here in April of 2015. We chose it because they had a vegetarian option, which was delicious. The fish and duck were very good,… Rating: 70/100 pts….Rennes is the capital of the Brittany region, and Brittany is the birthplace of crepes, so we can safely deduce that Rennes is the…98277655384c55139d49098095231473

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