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Posted on December 13, 2016

Pawsome Gifts for Dogs and Dog Lovers…



Good food, fast service!..Kids didn’t like their shrimp tacos…..Prices higher than Yelp menu shows. You won’t believe this, but they actually give you FREE CHIPS! HOW COOL IS THAT?? They’re veggie-friendly, too — they don’t make you eat any of their… Glad I stopped here!..I’m driving cross country , needed morning coffee and randomly stopped here and glad I did…Really nice place too! Stopped by grizzlies in Jamestown for a little lunch. Their billboard looked appetizing so we decided to go. Ordered the rib and chicken platter. ..Ribs were… Hog wash… give this place a try. Service was very good. I could only count 2 on a Thursday night \u0026 they where bustling their ass. They where doing a great… Great food. Nice friendly waitress. Everything was perfect in my opinion. I ordered an appetizer, meal, and desert to go. Absolutely no complaints at all on… Traveling from New Jersey to Mt. Rushmore and stopped in Jamestown, North Dakota. We took note of this place and, being a vet, had to try it. Excellent food… They serve a pretty good steak I must say. I’d avoid their more \”adventurous\” offerings and just get an old fashioned steak, potato, and salad and you’ll be… [NOTE: rumor has it that Northern Lights may be closing]….Each summer, people pile into their cars, don shades, crank the tunes and head out on the \”great… Well deserved perfect score, and absolutely worth a diversion from the highway for an excellent lunch. The place exudes high-end class and sophistication in… One of the best restaurants in town! The food is some of the most authentic Mexican food this side of the Mississippi, and being from Arizona I know Mexican… This place is really exquisite. I just stopped by to grab some lunch and when I stepped in, I thought may be I was at the wrong place. It looked like it… Smoking pig is a must visit in Valdosta. This large seating barbecue restaurant serves amazing cooked barbecue and sides at a very reasonable price. It’s… Good variety on the menu. I had a manhandler potato. It was excellent. Plenty of pork on top and great flavor! Service was excellent with a check back… I live in Las Vegas and I have to exclaim, \”What a wonderful dining experience!\”….We started with the cheese tray…some of the best goat cheese I have ever… Great joint. Mom and Pop style. Great service and cold beer. One of my favorite stops when I’m out on the road. Delicious brunch on a Saturday morning. The sweet potato biscuits are divine! The waitstaff was attentive and service was fast. We’ll be back again. Don’t judge a book by its cover. We did and almost didn’t eat here. The outside of the resturaunt is run down but don’t let it fool you. We ended up…98277655384c55139d49098095231473

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