What Fits In Your Pocket, Is Deadly As a Gun, Allowed on a Plane?, X-Mas Sale 75% Off

Posted on December 12, 2016

Carrying This Versatile, Compact, Discreet Item Can Save Your Life



This is a great local authentic Mexican restaurant that opened several years ago, in the long ago closed KFC building. The food here is very good, and the… For starters…..I went on a very hot day and their A/C worked well. I had a great first visit for a weekday lunch recently. A very nice assortment of… A couple of months ago, on our way back from Kentucky on a Friday night, we happened upon this restaurant in Shelbyville. According to my mom, I’d been… Long established mom-n-pop locally owned and operated restaurant located on the corner in downtown Rushville. This place was always a great go to location… When traveling The Hinterlands of the Heartland, roughly midway between Indianapolis, Indiana, and Cincinnati, Ohio, you will find it worth your while to… I visited the Kopper Kettle Inn recently with a group celebrating the anniversary of a couple who had their wedding supper there in the 1950s. We all really… What to do for food for an outdoor family reunion picnic at a primitive site? You could tie up numerous people grilling hamburgs and frankfurters. Or you… A nice small town diner experience for breakfast, lunch, early dinner plus a large variety of Ice Cream treats. I usually come here for lunch and think… Please. Don’t hate me…..I love this place…..I spend a lot of miles up and down I-74, and this is a convenient place for me to stop…..I’ve been to other… There are a small handful of genuinely decent restaurants in Rapid City. Juniper is head and shoulders above the rest. The service is quite good and the… If you are passing through Wall, then this is a great option outside of the busy strip where all the shops are. ..This bar/restaurant is only a couple blocks… Visiting Wall Drug is kind of a \”must do\” when you’re driving through. There are more billboards advertising Wall Drug lining the highway than I have ever… Great food. Friendly staff. Good prices. Will certainly stop in here again. ….The double cheeseburger special was outstanding! Kyle wouldn’t be the same without this place. They food is da bomb. But you pretty much are stuck with this place if visiting pine ridge. This is the only… We are here on a whim after hearing their specials on a local radio station…..Very unassuming place, run right out of her home. Short \u0026 sweet menu, friendly… We stopped here during our trip to Sturgis. I had the Sioux Indian Taco. It was very good but way too large for the average person to finish in one… We found this place last year when here for the rally, wanting a breakfast – we liked it and the people so much, and after seeing the Italian menu, back for… Easy drive from the badlands. Steaks \u0026 burgers were excellent. They had coloring books for the kids. TR was a great server. Food is served Thursday’s,…98277655384c55139d49098095231473

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