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Posted on December 12, 2016

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The best Thai food in the city. Maybe the state. Perhaps the world…..You will not leave disappointed if you order ANY of the curries or the spicy stir fry! Excellent food and service! You won’t be disappointed with the smoked salmon or any of the burgers. My wife said the Parmesan Crusted Chicken was also very… This review is strictly on the pies…..Every time I go to OKC, I have to stop here and get pie. Every pie I’ve tried is delicious, except for the pecan pie,… Visited Perrys for the first time today and left very satisfied. While this family owned restaurant is showing some wear, the tables were clean and service… Visited Oklahoma for my cousins wedding and we were trying to burn some time and grab a bite to eat before hopping back on the plane to Cali…..Totally fun… Huge buffet and big selection of different type of food..They offer Chinese, Vietnamese, Mexican, pizza, dessert, etc ….Taste is very good ..Waiter are fast… Came here for a pharmacy rep dinner. The appetizer platter they put together was fabulous and super delicious! It consisted of ribs, onion strings,… Homemade biscuits. Must try: Biscuit Debris and chorizo \”garbage plate.\” Half size chicken fried steak was dinner size. I rank it among top three in OKC…. This is our new go to sushi spot! It’s in a great location to our apartment and it’s right next to the liquor store which is very convenient. I always get… Overall 3.5…..I have been wanting to come here for awhile as spaghetti and meatballs are my go to food. As well as seeing some tasty looking pictures of… Moving to Norfolk after living in Southern California, I was afraid I’d never get a real California burrito again. El Rey is literally the closest thing to… The food was good, but the portions were small. My friend ordered the gator tail and it wasn’t worth the price. It was such a tiny portion. The drinks were… One of the best fishing piers on the east coast. From what ive read its the longest also on the east coast. Best spot to fish in is not at the end of the… Came in for the first time 15NOV16! Great place! They have good music, very low key. Attentive service! Had the chips and cheese, 1lb of shrimp for $10… Love going to a small simple diner with great food!..This is the place…Yes you have to wait ,small place ,small kitchen,big food!!!!!!!..Cornbread hash… About once every two weeks, my friend Isaac and I like to try out different restaurants around where either he lives in Virginia Beach or where I live in… Been a few years since my last review… one of the rare places that has improved with time….Service is always spot on…never a wait time for anything u… I have been here more than a dozen times and I have actually laid eyes on the Pizza Chef himself once! The food is food. nothing super special about it…98277655384c55139d49098095231473

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