Great Holiday Gift for the Dog or Dog Lover on Your List (15608468)

Posted on December 8, 2016

Do You Have a Dog Owner on Your Holiday List? Check This Out…



Idea: Local Nice Restaurant with traditional food with a gourmet twist. ..Review for what it is: Local Nice Restaurant with traditional food with a gourmet… This is one of those places that I love to find. Small hole in the wall, unassuming in appearance. I am traveling for work and passed this in the morning,… We visited The Country Cupboard restaurant and store many times while our son was a student at Bucknell University in Lewisburg. We stayed at the Best… OIPs (Original Italian Pizza) are common throughout central PA. What is special about this one? ….First, the sauce. There are several options for pizza in… Loved this place for many years and still as good as ever. I never had a bad lunch here. The owners are super friendly and always treat you as family…. OIPs is great. Every time I’ve gone it’s been with a very large group so they always give us the room in the back. The service is pretty good……Pizza,… Our car club has a cruise in here monthly and we always enjoy having a meal here, everything is fresh and properly cooked Holy mother of pearl. I WANT TO GO BACK TO OREGON JUST TO COME HERE AGAIN, LITERALLY! So much so, my boyfriend bought 2 hats when we were here, and I have… SUMMARY: This place awesome!!! Out in the middle of podunk Oregon (Silver Lake)…. this is a spot reminiscent of the olden days gone by. 3 hours outside of… My family has been eating at South Bend Bistro for years. It’s always been good, but the new owners/chef have really taken it up a notch. Expanded and… Unbelievable. The fish is so fresh and the depth of flavors are fantastic. As good as Besh in N’Orrlans. ….Get the shrimp and also the okra appe. So good… Didn’t get to try the amazing food coming from the kitchen, but cannot wait to go back and do just that…..Drinks were on point as well as the service…..Next… excellent for wife and I..she had small loaded cobb salad..I had small parmesan pear blue cheese salad..I had Penne Rustica small..wife had a brownie (mostly to go Ariana is always our \”go to\” restaurant for special occasions. Not that it would get old eating there every day, but we have always kept it a special event… An extensive menu from shrimp tostadas to mole’ and several vegetarian choices. Their food is the real deal and we practiced our Spanish at this family run… Oh. My. God. I wish I lived in Bend just so I could eat here. We were traveling thru around dinner time, so I YELPed a place to go. This place had GOBS of… Seriously, hands down to one of the best buffets in town. Darna is a restaurant that has some of the best Meditteranean food. It has become one of my… Absolutely amazing. I came expecting a decent quick sushi place, but this is now probably in the top 3 of any I’ve been to. The ambiance isn’t great, but… Do not let the outside of this restaurant fool you! Located in a strip center between a pawn shop and gun store, it may make you ask to yourself, \”should I… This is probably the only decent looking Pakistani restaurant that I have been to in US and it is probably one of the only ones which has reasonable prices… Small family-owned atmosphere. No frills, very straightforward, all of their pride and work goes into their food, which shows!….Brisket was possibly some of… Excellent food and excellent service. I think that was probably the best humous I’ve ever had!….Amrita was a great server! Very clean, inexpensive and consistently well-prepared lunch menu items, accommodating of special requests…..Staff keeps busy but they are always polite and… What a surprise of finding awesome pizza place near by my neighbors! ….It’s a wood fired pizza and the pizza crust was so soft but crispy on the outside. I… By far the best customer service of nearly any asian restaurant I’ve experienced. Asian restaurants get a rep a lot of the time for good food, but sub-par…98277655384c55139d49098095231473

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