Do You Know the #1 Personal Defense Item, other than a gun?, 75% Off Thru Cyber Monday

Posted on December 7, 2016

What Personal Defense Tool Can You Carry On a Plane?



Came back home for a visit and my brother took us all to Sporkle Trivia on Thursday night. What a great night of food and fun. Our waitress was perky,… Drinks and food were good, service was friendly, the president cut prime rib was huge and mostly meat very little fat Granite City is one of my go to places to head out to eat. The service is typically excellent, the food is good, and the atmosphere is great. It is a micro… I have been here many many times and every time has been excellent! It’s evident that many of the dishes are made from scratch in house. Some of my… Really delicious thai food – the kind that I’ve found in one city and then miss often when I move away…I tried the Pad Kee Mao and Gang Curry and both were… Very nice atmosphere for social gatherings or casual business lunches. The prices are decent for the size of a platter you are getting. I’d say that the… Cold cold frosted mugs of beer and broasted chicken….super juicy, moist and will definitely splash your face with the hot succulent juices once you’ve… Long time fan of the Mancy’s family restaurants in Toledo, Ohio (In fact I am somewhat of a fixture at Shorty’s). ….Four of us enjoyed a great meal and… Very good the gyro was huge and well executed. You won’t regret it Nov. 2, 2016 Season has started and we’ve eaten there there twice. Burgers the first night, steak on a Stick last night. Always incredibly good. They have… I loved this place. They specialize in carne asada, but in addition they have a salsa bar with several kinds of salsa, chopped cabbage, radishes, etc. So I… This is the best Restaurant I have ever been to. ..Excellent service, great menu, and indoor and outdoor seating. There is only One thing, it gets ..Packed…. Great surprise. Stopped for lunch on the way back from San Diego. Tried the Toritos which Yelp reviews highly recommended, and they were ok. Also had the… Let me first say, I’ve lived in Houston, DC, and have traveled all over, eating in LA and NYC. With that said, I am in Yuma, AZ because of work. As most… Prison Hill. I might as well call it Prison Home since I’ve been here more often than my actual home in the last few weeks…..Prison Hill has quite a few… I haven’t been here since I was a little kid. So at least 20 years. I hear a lot about the food. My mom picked going here for dinner last night. ….Food-… Had a wonderful lunch! Who knew we would find a little taste of Germany in Yuma, Arizona! Schnitzel, bratwurst, saurkraut and red cabbage as good as in… This place is off the chain! Great atmosphere \u0026 beer selection! A must stop if ur in Yuma, it became my official/unofficial ‘Spot’98277655384c55139d49098095231473

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