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Posted on December 7, 2016

Ingredients God Instructed You To Eat For Good Health



Great place! Love the food! ..Parking is a bit tight but well worth it. ..Empanadas are amazing! And tres leches is a must! So good! Be warned, this isn’t really a place to sit and eat. There are a few tables, but I’d imagine it would be awkward to sit around a bunch of people… Never knew this place existed in Silver Spring but so happy I discovered it 🙂 Went for a late lunch on a Sunday afternoon with a friend. Very casual/low… Fav place been coming to Maiwand for years. I love all the Maiwand’s they are fresh food authentic and friendly service. I’m tired of supporting franchises… This has to be the best sushi and asian cooking. They have the best of both. The calamari appetizer is out of this world. The green salad’s dressing is so… EXCELLENT FOOD! Do not patron if looking for an elegant dining experience. Looking for great Thai food? Siriwan Thai is sure to please. This isn’t really Indian Chinese food as I think some people are lead to think by the title. What it is is pretty good Chinese food that is purportedly… I have been searching for a good gyro for a long time now. And I found one closer to home, but what about by the office? Fortunately, you wonderful… I’m slightly surprised by the harsh reviews of this restaurant. I mean, don’t get me wrong, the section of the restaurant where my friends and I ended up… I feel kind of bad leaving this review, because the owner of this establishment really went out of his way to welcome us. But I just cannot ignore the fact… The four of us had the menu \”Tendance\” (30 Euros). A culinary discovery of high level. Attentive and sympathetic service. Been visiting (restaurants in)… One of the challenges for English speakers in visiting smaller French towns (read: not Paris or Lyon) is that the Yelp advice is less reliable and more… Dinner for 2…..- Ambiance (4/5)..Incredibly cute French countryside outdoor dining. Minus 1 star for the excessive mosquitoes and proximity to the street,… Dinned here on the recommendation of my hotel. We arrived just past 7pm on a Wednesday night and were the second table seated…..We chose a la carte, sharing… Impeccable intimacy. ….From the moment you enter this quaint building you’re expecting something life-changing. The service is provided by a French woman… Excellent food and service!….A group of 4 of us went there for dinner. The place opened back up for dinner at 7 pm and already a group of locals were there…. This is really 4.5 stars, but who’s counting…My wife and I stayed in Dijon for a few days this summer and had our last meal here. It was a great meal. We…98277655384c55139d49098095231473

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