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Posted on December 6, 2016

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When on a road trip, we like to try local places. I searched Yelp and Wubba’s BBQ Shack in Klammath Falls was one of the top hits. This place did not… We eat there at least once a week…The food is always perfectly prepared and delicious. May they live long and prosper. …. Yum. This place has a very eclectic menu. Some waffles feel intimidating, with their savory/sweet flavor combinations. Don’t be a wuss – take a… In town for work, so I checked Yelp for a good place for breakfast. With all of the great reviews, I couldn’t pass this place up! I was not disappointed!… Awesome pizza! The special was chicken, kale, Brussel sprouts, onion and BBQ sauce. Amazing! The Jala-ranch salad is jalape\u00f1o spicy full of bacon. What more… We tried Sergio’s for the first time this week, and it was so good! Very attentive servers. One of the best, moist tamales my husband has ever had! I had… Looks like I’ve fallen in love all over again – in Klamath Falls!….While on a junket in central Oregon, and just as we caught sight of the distant majesty… Hubs and I went there last night for our anniversary and really enjoyed it. It was exactly what we were looking for with yummy and interesting drinks and… Love this resturant, delicious enchilladas, cheese sauce is my favorite! Great service comapred to other mexican resturants this one is the best for me… Oh, Niki’s. I am going to go ahead and just pretend I was named after you because that would be an honor. Hot damn I love this place! My first Southern… These guys really know whats up. This is the place to take a date, a friend, or your family…Craft to the bone. It doesnt get better than carrigans public… I popped my white-sauce BBQ cherry at a very good place. It’s not a hole in the wall at all like I see in some other reviews. It’s a ramshackle bar and… It’s excellent. There are always plenty of specials too, so regular visitors can still get something new. ..The queso with tequila and peppers is unique and… I am addicted to the garlicky homemade mayo that I eat with their excellent french fries. I don’t even like mayonnaise! I also love a gluten-free hotdog or… Delicious food. Ordered the pork chop with skillet corn and a side salad. The salad and corn were the best part since the pork chop had quite a bit of fat… My Fiance and I had an excellent experience from the cocktails, champagne, to the appetizers; artisanal cheese plate and the beef carpaccio to the wonderful… We always come here for dinner when we’re in town. The decore is beautiful, there’s a good selection at the cold salad bar, the meats are seasoned and… If you haven’t you need to try Bamboo now!!! I have eaten here a couple of times and each time the food has been out of this world. ….I would describe…98277655384c55139d49098095231473

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