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Posted on December 4, 2016

Military Grade Headlight Just Released to the Public



This place is LIT! Try the Camgria if you’re looking for a good time!!! ….Perfect for Birthdays…Ask for Blake to hit birthday beatbox. Dat Dude bringing… This place is really good! I’ve heard great things about it before, but finally had the chance to try it the other day. I was surprised to find that it was… The best meal I’ve had in a year! We had dinner here at the end of restaurant week (which gave us a $35 prix fixe) – and a great value. ….From the hunks of… REHEARSAL DINNER venue: Thanks to our wedding DJ we found Single Fin. After one dinner we knew we wanted to have our wedding rehearsal dinner there…. Thank you Yelp aka Brad B. \u0026 the entire staff of Hake. You all have provided exceptional service from check-in to taking a photo of boyfriend and I LOL to… 076 / 100 – 2016 YELP 100 CHALLENGE…..My parents were in town for Thanksgiving and wanted to eat some Cuban/Brazilian/Latin American food, so I decided to… LOVED my visit to BO-beau!! The restaurant is unassuming from the outside and easy to miss. The parking lot is tiny, so my boyfriend and I parked across… This restaurant is just down the alley from our daughter’s apartment. We didn’t feel like driving and made a 5PM reservation for 3 on a Sunday evening… Delicious food, really friendly staff, great ambiance, and they were able to accommodate our gluten allergies very easily…..The Fried Chicken Sandwich and… 5 Stars in Ripley, WV…. Yes I said 5 stars! Great little place in downtown Ripley that serves fresh, well seasoned seafood in a charming little… Excellent wings! House made chips quite tasty. Service is very very good. Good atmosphere. I would definitely come back! I took the family there for dinner last night, and am SO THRILLED to have a non-fast-food option that is open for dinner in this town. Plus, it’s Mexican… Ug. Buffets are buffets…..This restaurant somehow caused the other Chinese restaurant in Spencer to go out of business. This is a surprise to me!….First… This restaurant has it all. Great food, great people comma and a decent price. The large sampler is definitely worth the cost, I love the red potato salad… Out exploring in WV this weekend and oh how I live to find a good breakfast place when visiting new areas… I had to drive out of Charleston about 15 miles… Let’s face it: Ripley is not exactly a food lovers town…and theirs not too many options for good food, however las trancas is by far the best place for… I concur with Jeff. Some people like to complain just to complain and feel good about their miserable selves. My family has dined here many times since its… Wendy’s is a family favorite in Ripley…..We love their food….Ripley has a few choices and wendy’s is one of the better ones..98277655384c55139d49098095231473

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