Mark Cuban Predicts Massive Unemployment. What Can You Do Now?

Posted on December 1, 2016


Mark Cuban, Forbes ContributorInvestor, Entrepreneur, Judge on SharkTank on ABC, Owner of the Dallas Mavericks I’ve had the best minds in the country look at what’s going on, and the truth is that it isn’t good. The American economy is in for a catastrophic meltdown. Personally, I’ve been very very lucky and I’ve got enough money, and fame or clout or whatever, to be able to surround myself with the best economic advisors in the world, and they all agree that the next 18-24 months are going to be very bad.We’re talking about millions of new bankruptcies. Click Here to Find Out How to Protect Yourself. Everything about this place was awesome. ….Food. Service. Value. ….If I lived near here I would eat here once a week. The perfect place for a special night out! This restaurant feels like it could belong in a more metropolitan area. In fact we brought my parents who are… As a new family tradition with my husband and I we make the five hour drive from SC to VA to spend the turkey day with my mom. ….Second annual trip and we… This place was recommended by a couple we met at Floyd Fest and it was just as good as they said. I got the recommended crab cake it was very good served… Visited 10/28/16 for a late snack..What a great find to finish off our tour of the South. Once again, my wife was searching Yelp regarding where we should… Ample parking. Chill place. Low key and neighborhood vibe. Service was attentive and friendly and food was fabulous. Definitely worth a stop over and lived… We got a couple of pizzas at Floyd Fest and they were absolutely wonderful. The crust was very light cooked in a brick fire pizza oven, the sauce had very… I went on a Saturday night and it was busy, but not overly crowded. Apparently a lot of stuff going on this weekend so we didn’t have to wait for a table…. Stopped on our way through the area. Fantastic!.. The staff was very efficient and friendly. \”Uncle Vinnie\” was quite a character and very pleasant…. Grrrrreat and affordable food. Friendly service too. Who would have thought to find this great place in this unlikely location? Most friendliest staff. The food was very good and the atmosphere was very persuading. I definitely recommend Weeva! Walking into this place on a Tuesday quite early in the evening got us a seat right away, which was great. Later on, when we were almost done (say between… An unexpected trip to Texas brought us to Lawton for the night. We wanted a good burger and saw great reviews of BP and decided to try it out. The place was… I chose this place based on the reviews and I was not disappointed. We moved from Philly where we are used to tons of quality nice restaurants, but have… One of the best pizza places I have been to. ..Think Subway with good pizza. You pick your sauce and all the toppings as you go, or pick from the menu…. We had dinner at this nice restaurant. I must say it it probably the best you will get in Medicine..Park as far as nice restaurants. I ordered the filet… 1st time visiting…..the meat was decent, but the sauce was Awesome! Sides and bread were good also! Sweet Tea is definitely a plus….nice football… Very nice, hardworking people making wonderful donuts and fresh and delicious Thai food. Donuts are always fresh and delicious and they have a great… We went in for a dinner when I was back visiting. The food was really good food, from the good appetizers to their dinners. The servers were really great at… The food is amazing here, almost too good for words some times…..I go here time to time and find that the staff here is all business, and more than willing… When you walk into a place where there are not many people, you don’t really expect the sushi rolls to be good, almost expect to have an accident on the way…98277655384c55139d49098095231473

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