Money: Mark Cuban Predicts Post-Election Economic Crash

Posted on November 28, 2016


Mark Cuban, Forbes ContributorInvestor, Entrepreneur, Judge on SharkTank on ABC, Owner of the Dallas Mavericks I’ve had the best minds in the country look at what’s going on, and the truth is that it isn’t good. The American economy is in for a catastrophic meltdown. Personally, I’ve been very very lucky and I’ve got enough money, and fame or clout or whatever, to be able to surround myself with the best economic advisors in the world, and they all agree that the next 18-24 months are going to be very bad.We’re talking about millions of new bankruptcies. Click Here to Find Out How to Protect Yourself. Tender chicken with a kick of spices for your tongue, and filling dosa for appetizers. And can we talk about the Drums of Heaven? Smoky and crispy chicken… Great diner with great hours. Honestly, few places are open 24 hours these days. It’s so convenient. The family is always warm to welcome you and their… What a nice surprise of a restaurant. Really enjoyed the food and music. The owner visited the table and the service was wonderful. ..Had five different… I was visiting New Windsor for work and was looking for a good vegetarian option for lunch. I’m usually a bit of a Yelp snob and won’t eat at a restaurant… Don’t let the flashy sign fool you. This place is amazing. Excellent ultra flavorful Italian food. Very attentive, friendly \u0026 knowledgable service. I’m not… I apologize first and foremost for not including any imagery on account of the fact that all my delectable bites arrived and were immediately consumed…. Perfect. Everything was perfect. The food, the staff, the ambiance was worth every penny. Great restaurant with a unique twist to comfort foods. Very comfy small place…..I usually go hike Breakneck Ridge trail, then come to town for a bite. This… Simply delicious. After having a few negative experiences at Caffe Macchiato I’m so glad we have an even better food option on Liberty Street! Even better… Fantastic food (top-notch prime rib) and very good service. The wine list is comprehensive and fairly priced. The service is excellent – efficient and… My party was a walk-in at about 530p-545p on a Tuesday, no reservation needed…Steve, our server, was excellent. Had good recommendations, attentive and… This place has got major hype. Friends and co-workers everywhere were like \”you gotta review the Front Door!\” But then those same friends were like \”you… Happened to be in Boise for a football game and this was one of my bookmarked places to try. Easy walk from our hotel and right in the middle of the Basque… Love this little bar in the Basque district. They have a really nice selection of local brews and really great sandwiches. I had the spicy lamb grinder… I could never grow tired of singing the praises of this place! ..The first time I came in here to hand in a resume and the cozy feel embraced me! I love the… We love the Brickyard. On this visit I had their Special the Blackened Ribeye. It was fantastic. ..My son decided to try the New York and it was the most… Who could imagine that Boise has some of the best food on earth!..Sausage cooked in red wine? Yes still thinking about this one. ..Patatas Bravas? Just order… Wow! I didn’t come to Boise, ID from Los Angeles with high expectations on the seafood but wow am I surprised. They only serve soup and oysters for lunch…98277655384c55139d49098095231473

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