NBC Exclusive- This Will Change Everything You Know About Diabetes

Posted on November 26, 2016

Are you playing prescription roulette with your diabetes?



After exploring in West Virginia for the weekend, a local told us we simply HAD to make a stop at Secret Sandwich Society as our last meal before heading… So happy that they have a gluten free crust. And let me tell you, it was AMAZING! The flavor of it was bold, but good and cooked just right. I ordered it… Very authentic creole food! Amazing fresh flavors in a wonderful setting. Would definitely recommend to anyone looking for something different than burgers… We a blast here at this place. We rolled in for dinner last Friday on our Harley’s. Parking was awesome and the inside was so clean and neat. Great… Amazing Thai restaurant in the middle of West VA!! Came here on a Sunday right as they were closing with a few friends. The owner was kind enough to take… Late lunch; having some DELICIOUS white bean chili with chicken. Was too late for breakfast which everyone I came in contact with says its really good…. What a pleasant surprise! Went to an early dinner here with an older couple after paddling on the Gauley. Didn’t expect much when we walked in, the place… New to the area and went looking for some BBQ. The exterior kind of made us pause but we went in and were wonderfully surprised. ….Appetizers of Hillbilly… It’s really pretty tasty! ..We stopped by on a road trip simply because we liked the name so much and were pleasantly surprised with the food. Lots of… I stopped here while I was in the middle of a long road trip. Needed a good meal and this place is just a couple minutes off the freeway. My server was… The Team at Muriale’s is terrific! First time here. They have been very engaging, great hospitality, exceptional hustle and excellent eye contact… I’ve been coming here for a while now, and the food is delicious and always hot. 99% of the time the order is prompt and correct, which is pretty much the… If you’re ever in West Virginia, you must stop by this super cute, kitschy little diner. The servers are all young, energetic and very sweet, sporting… I love this place. A lot. It is cute, the service is great, and the food and ice cream are also great. I love the pepper potato soup. It is the perfect… I don’t even know what a gastropub is…I mean, why would you put the word \”gas\” in your description if you are a restaurant? ….Maybe it means that the food… Good local bar with great people and great prices. They have a dinner special on Wednesdays that can’t be beat! Usually an entree, salad and dessert for… I’ve never had a bad meal here, and I’ve frequented the Iron Horse for almost the past year. I really enjoy the Iron Horse burger, but their rotating menu… Fun, good meal after visiting the college. I love the idea of your table indicator being a child’s play toy!98277655384c55139d49098095231473

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